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This college girl is crazy. She was hanging out with her girlfriend and decided to invite one of her college buddies over. Well, when they busted out the video camera everything went from calm to mayhem mode! This girl was spreading her pink pussy and sucking dick while being taped on video. It was pretty fucking awesome to say the least. She was a real trooper and took a huge load all over her glasses. All I gotta say is these college rules videos are really fucking great!

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Teens, teens and more teens to come! This college rules submission was off the chain! Some hot crazy teen got wild and made a college sex tape in hopes of winning some serious cash. She needed money to pay for her books at the beginning of the semester and of course she easily found a random dick to suck in the dorm. To start it all off they were drinking and partying. The beer was cheap Busch Light which is what most college students drink because its super cheap. The teen student went right to town on some dick sucking. I gotta tell ya that this college rules for sure because she put on one hell of a fuck session!