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College Girls Dared to Eat Pussy

pussy eating college girls

Spin the bottle in college can be one of the best games ever to play, because it allows the sluts to really come out of the woodwork. College rules might apply to a few of these girls, but most likely not, because spin the bottle causes these girls to get naked and start riding each other’s faces. Even if the girls are not lesbians, the game of spin the bottle is turning them into fun pussy licking lesbians that love to lick pussy. This game has no rules once the panties come off, and the boys love each minute of it.

College Girl Tailgating Blowjob Contest

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This is a naughty gf from the pictures that I have seen! LOL, this girl was outside at her college tailgating for a game and getting drunk with all her friends. Some of the guys convinced her to do something daring and take pictures for a college rules contest that they found out about. She said no problem, she likes sucking dick and loves money too so it was a no brainer for her. She sucked off this guy outside at a tailgating event in front of everyone! It was fantastic! We love all you crazy college girls! This college rules for sure!

Sexy College Girls Gang Bang Party Video

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Who like a college gang bang? Well, even if you don’t which I know you do, you will find a fucking crazy college orgy here at College Rules. These girls were all at a party and they were getting wasted. They busted out the old school game called twister and that’s when things got completely out of hand. The girls started getting naked and making out. One thing led to another and they were sucking guys dicks in front of everyone! College parties are so awesome! I love the college rules videos! Twist her twist her then fuck her! LOL