College Sex Rules

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Do you think that college sex rules? If you don’t then I truly think you are lying and I can can your mind. This is what happened in this crazy collegerules video. These horny college girls have taken things to a whole new level as they have a cock judging contest. They each have a board and the stud walks into the room and the babes write what they would rate the stud on a scale of one to ten. Some of the events that get judged in this college porn are more than just cock presentation, also suck-ability and other factors. It does not take long for the guys to get interested in this game and the girls are soon walking into the room naked and being the ones that are judged.

Crazy College Weekend Porn Video

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After a crazy weekend with a bunch of undergrads these two settle down into a nice lawn chair for some much needed rest and relaxation. Or at least that is the way that it is supposed to happen but when you take two naked college students and no one around, you are going to get some student sex happening. Watch this college video and see this stud pump his hard cock deep into her wet pussy from underneath her and watch as he reaches around with skill and uses his hand to stimulate her clit while he pounds away on her.

Girl Power College Sex Orgy

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We have a new submission at College Rules today! This one is filled with a group of really horny college girls. What do you get when you take 3 hot party girls at a college, a video camera and a guy with a hard cock? You get the best college porn you’ve ever seen in your life! These three girls started by messing around and doing funny things on camera like wet tshirt shots and titty flashing. They took it to the next level and started sucking cock and riding this guy. It got fucking crazy from here on out! Group sex rules at college!

College Girl Wearing Glasses Takes Cumshot

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This college girl is crazy. She was hanging out with her girlfriend and decided to invite one of her college buddies over. Well, when they busted out the video camera everything went from calm to mayhem mode! This girl was spreading her pink pussy and sucking dick while being taped on video. It was pretty fucking awesome to say the least. She was a real trooper and took a huge load all over her glasses. All I gotta say is these college rules videos are really fucking great!

College House Party Sexy Rules

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This girl is one of the craziest sexy college babes I’ve ever encountered. She was down for the dirty all day and night long. It was pretty much fucking fantastic. First off, two guys tag teamed her in a threesome that a bunch of students recorded. Secondly, she had a big cock in her mouth and let one of the guys snap photos of her and last but not least this cute college teen took a cumbath to her face and all in her eye with a huge smile on her face. It really was amazing! I heart student sluts!!!!

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Amy and her friend were in their college dorm room the other day. They decided to have some fun with a certain guy on campus. Once the girls brought him into the dorm they started making out and acting silly and all. They asked him if he wanted to make a sex video to submit to College Rules for a chance to win some cash. This lucky bastard got two hot girls in the college threesome of his life and a cut of 10k cash. What a nice day in college it was for him!

The College Rules

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Have you ever wanted to make your own sex video and make money at the same time? Well, at college rules you can! I know the students that made this video and it was so amazing I can’t even explain it. This girl can suck a dick like no other and she is a really nasty girl. If you don’t know the rules of college then you should learn them fast. It’s pretty easy. Fuck as many girls as you can! Now get to work people!

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Check out the latest college hottie here that made a college rules video for some extra cash. She’s super hot and if you don’t think so then you need to see her in action! A group of guys filmed her stripping to some music in their dorm room for extra cash. She was pulling her panties to the side and rubbing her pussy for them to see. College girls have such nice tight pussies too. She was also bending over and slapping her ass as she rubbed it in their faces. This was just the beginning. The hot college rules slut decided to fuck one of the guy on film and the rest his history. It was fucking incredible. I love her!